I just want someone to tell me my dad is going to be okay… I want this all over with.

Please pray for me.. For my dad, mostly. I’m just starting to panic over his upcoming surgeries on Monday and Wednesday.

I’m so tired of waiting, wishing, hoping, and praying for something that may never happen. And the more I pray about it for God to take the desire away, the more persistent it is in my heart/mind. It seems incredibly cruel to have something placed on my heart to never be fulfilled. And this is just one of my many “heart aches” tonight.

The closer his surgeries get, the more afraid I am.

mrsjohnson2013 said: No! You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, dear! You are so gorgeous. In so so many ways :):)

I’m so glad you can see things in me that I (and most others) can’t. Love you, Kayleigh! <3

Your momma must be gorgeous

She is! Me? Not so much. ;)

mrsjohnson2013 said: YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!

Do you know how many times I thought about deleting it?? A LOT. Guh. Thanks. <3

the-bible-study-cafe said: Wow

Is that good or bad? Haha.