No one talks to me lately. I don’t mean Tumblr, I mean in life. In all things. I reckon they’re tired of the same old things.

Me too.

I know I asked before, but please remember my dad in prayer tomorrow as he goes to an appointment regarding the cancerous tumor they removed in April. We’re praying it never comes back.

Fear and panic are rising in me. I feel like I am drowning. Between what happened to my cousin today and everything my dad has been through… I don’t know. It just really sucks. My dad has a follow-up appointment Monday and I just keep putting it out of my mind. I’m always, always afraid they are going to tell him something that I don’t want to hear or deal with. I just don’t deal with life well. I wasn’t made for this.

I always bruise my hands and I think that says a lot about me.

I could use some prayers right now. My heart is just shattered.

My favorite jeans just ripped beyond repair. I’m sad.