Sometimes my vitamin makes me sick to my stomach. Tonight is one of those nights. Eek.

Random fact: I had the Rainbow Brite Christmas tape when I was little, right? Even to this day, I don’t know the correct way to sing “The 12 Days of Christmas.” I only know the Rainbow Brite version.

I finally re-downloaded Skype. So if you want, add me. It’s inweakness.

Kayleigh looking like Anna.. while I’m over here lookin’ like Ursula. Lol.

I have some messages I need to respond to.

But after a long day of being emotionally drained… My mom and I went to dinner. And I told her all this stuff on my heart. And she cried. It doesn’t make it right, but I can’t help but be human and crave a human companion through life… She understood. Finally. I wish Jesus would too.

I feel sick after seeing all that blasphemy.

Why the hell do I use Pinterest when I actually hate it?